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The duties and responsibilities of the Fourth Judicial Circuit Juvenile Justice Council are as follows:

A. To develop circuit and/or county juvenile justice plans based upon utilization of the resources of law enforcement, school systems, park districts, business community, religious groups, non-profit social services, sports entities and others in a cooperative and collaborative manner to prevent or discourage juvenile crime.

B. To enter into written interagency agreement specifying the nature and extent of contributions each signatory agency will make in achieving the goals of the county juvenile justice plan and their commitment to the sharing of information useful in carrying out the goals of the interagency agreements to the extent authorized by law.

C. To apply and receive public or private grants, to be administered by one of the community partners, that support one of more components of the county juvenile justice plan.

D. To provide a forum for the presentation of interagency recommendations and the resolution of disagreements relating to the contents of the interagency agreement or the performance by the parties of their perspective obligations under the agreement.

E. To assist the efforts of local community support organizations and volunteer groups in providing enrichment programs and other support services for clients of local juvenile detention centers.

F. To develop and make available a county-wide and/or circuit-wide resource guide for minors in need for prevention, intervention, psycho-social, educational support, and other services needed to prevent juvenile delinquency.

G. To form committees to accomplish the purpose and to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the council.

H. To respond to related matters referred to the council by the county boards, the juvenile justice system and social service agencies working with juvenile delinquents and/or truants.

I. To encourage the initiation of new programs and support ongoing programs that address juvenile delinquency and/or truancy, including those promoting early intervention and prevention.

J. To ensure that the activities of the council do not conflict with those of other boards, commissions or councils in the county. The councils shall endeavor to cooperate and coordinate with any bodies with overlapping jurisdiction.

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