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The current council has nineteen members which represent the following disciplines:

Judiciary, state's attorney, probation, law enforcement, education, community agencies, juvenile service providers, juvenile justice agencies, business, public defender and counselors. There is at least one representative from each of the nine counties in the Fourth Circuit.

The officers of the council are:

* Chairperson: Michael D. McHaney, Chief Judge;
* Vice-Chairperson: Cheryl Meyers, Effingham County Probation, Chief Managing Officer;
* Secretary: Banee Ulrici, Montgomery County Probation, Chief Managing Officer;
* Treasurer: Meredith Stewart, Fayette County Probation, Chief Managing Officer.

Other members of the council are:

Honorable Michael McHaney, Circuit Judge;
Ken Ingersoll, Kaskaskia College;
Mike Havera, Christian County Public Defender;
Nikki Quandt, One Hope United;
Jim Vazzi, Montgomery County Sheriff;
Julie Wollerman, Regional Office of Education #3;
Heather Wooters, Juvenile Probation Officer;
Todd Zeigler, Illinois State Police
Greg French, Clay County Sheriff's Department;
Richard Sinclair, Marion County Board.

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